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Effective July 1, 2016 

Post Officers

Commander                                       Gary L. Way
First Vice Commander                        Dave Putnam

Second Vice Commander                  Tim Lake
Adjutant                                             Ron Summers
Finance Officer                                  Nevin Homan
Chaplin                                              Vacant
Sergeant-at-Arms                              Sal Nicosia
Post Service Officer                           Pete Banholzer


Auxiliary Officers

President                                          Judy Leonard   
Vice President                                  Suzette Cain
Secretary                                          Wendy Brubaker   
Treasurer                                          Karen Cramer
Sergeant-at-Arms                              Cathy Arney
Historian                                            Angela Osborn
Chaplin                                              Rebecca Slenker                                        


SAL Detachment 779 Officers

Commander                                   John Knarr 
First Vice Commander                    Mike Miller 

Second Vice Commander               Donnie Aukerman  
Adjutant                                         Barry Yarnell             
Treasurer                                       Chris Evans
Chaplin                                          Jim Evans 
Sergeant-at-Arms                          Robert Kline                                                      


                                  Club 779

Club Manager                                  Brein (Bree) Behrer

Assiastant Club Manager                   Kimberly Korman

Club Chef                                             Jim Clouse

Catering Manager                                 Dawn Clouse


    Club Board of Directors

President                                             Ron Summers
Vice President                                     Gary Way
Secretary                                             Sal Nicosia
Treasurer                                             Dave Putnam

Voting Member                                    Tim Lake


  Home Association

President                                              Ron Summers
Vice President                                      Gary L. Way
Secretary                                              Sal Nicosia
Treasurer                                              Dave Putnam

Property Manager                                 John Knarr
Voting Member                                     Tim Lake





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