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New Feature

Check out the postings in our new tab "From the Web"

We will put new patriotic and military related postings received from the web here.

Send in one if you have a good one. 




More posters are in our From the Web Section 

Link to tribute to WWII Vets

This is a good 2 minute video

Here is a second short video.


News of interest to Veterans and Active Duty Service Members

We have two new features that we are adding to the website.  They are the RAO Bulletin and the Veterans Legislation Update.  These two documents contain a wealth of information on current events and legislation affecting our military service members and veterans.  Some of the information is on pending legislation that ranges from tax rules to chiropractic care for all veterans.  Status reports on the number of Reserve and National Guard members that have been activated. 

 Please take a minute and look at the table of contents and see the range of information that is available.

Click on the link to view the information.

RAO Bulletin

Current RAO Bulletin link 



Check out the female Marine Pilot featured on our From the Web page.


This is a link to a video tribute to our armed services.  You may be surprised to hear who is having a sing along with the troops.





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